How are syringes returned?

We were fortunate enough to buy a large syringe return bins for the front lobbies of our two buildings. Our program would be successful without this larger, more expensive bin. Smaller or portable bins would suffice. Additionally, front desk staff have a portable sharps container on the rare chance clients bring their syringes to the window. We have found that most clients box or package their syringes in laundry bottles prior to returning.

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1. Do you collect demographics on patients enrolled in the program?
2. Are clients formally enrolled in your program?
3. Where do you distribute syringes?
4. What do you put in your safe syringe kits?
5. How are syringes returned?
6. Do you require clients to return syringes to receive syringes, i.e., 1:1 syringe return?
7. What training was required for staff?
8. What outcomes data do you track?
9. Did you create a new safety and security policy to include your safe syringe initiative?