What is the application process?

Applications are accepted for open positions only. Applications must be submitted by the deadline noted on the posting (eastern time zone). Once the closing date is over, all applications received will be screened based on minimum qualifications and placed on an eligible ranking list. A referral list of candidates is sent to the hiring department. The hiring department will determine who should be invited to an interview for the position and conduct interviews. 

Candidates being offered an interview may not be contacted immediately following the closing date. Simply fulfilling the minimum requirements for a position does not ensure an interview. Orange County reserves the right to re-advertise positions or to delay or cancel the filling of a position. If you need special assistance, in any way, in the employment process, contact Vicki Jones, HR Program Manager. 

To check on recruitment status, login into your account. If the status is not posted within two weeks of the closing date, feel free to contact Donna Davenport, HR Manager.

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1. What is the application process?
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