Who may vote early?

People eligible for early voting include:

  • Any Orange County registered voter may vote at any Orange County One-Stop Early Voting Site.
  • Registered voters may update their address and change vital information on their existing registration during this time. Party Changes are not allowed during the Early Voting period.
  • Eligible individuals who are not registered to vote, may register and vote during the One-Stop Early Voting period. They must bring an approved HAVA ID (bank statement, drivers license, utility bill) showing their name and current address.
  • Any individual may vote a Provisional Ballot if unable to meet the requirements to register and vote a regular ballot at the time they present to vote.
  • All Provisional Ballot applications will be researched and considered for approval or denial by the Board on canvass day (7 or 10 days after the Election based on the type of Election), based on the information provided by the voter.

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1. Who may vote early?
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