What are the plans for the Greene Tract?

In 2002, the Greene Tract was designated as an area for the development of affordable housing and preservation of green space. Several planning efforts since that time have also identified a need for mixed-use development and a site for a future elementary school to accommodate Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools’ growing enrollment needs.

In May 2017, a joint staff work group was requested to examine the development potential of the existing Greene Tract and provide three alternatives illustrating high, medium and low development alternatives. Each alternative had to take into account specific elements and goals including, but not limited to, incorporating a future elementary school and park site, preserving valuable environmental features and corridors, protecting historical and cultural resources, encouraging cost-effective infrastructure, and identifying areas for future development. These alternatives, vetted through a multijurisdictional staff work group, assisted in the development of the conceptual plan that was presented to the local governing boards in January 2019.

After reviewing the entire property and identifying the most environmentally sensitive areas, the County voted to reconfigure its 60 acres to protect those critical areas, as well as recommending a conservation easement over an additional 22 acres. The County also voted to recombine other areas to increase the opportunities for affordable housing and potential mixed use development, including accessible community commercial opportunities the Rogers Road community has sought for several years. The plan recommends:

  • Approximately 22 acres for joint preservation
  • Approximately 60 acres (county-owned) for preservation
  • Approximately 11 acres for public school site
  • Approximately 4 acres for public recreational facility site
  • Approximately 45 acres for housing/mixed use in the short-term
  • Approximately 22 acres reserved for future residential use (10-20 years from now, depending on need)

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2. What are the plans for the Greene Tract?
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