Can the public get involved?

Orange County welcomes public input into the county budget. Each year the Board of Commissioners hold public hearings to receive feedback from interested parties. For the FY2020 budget process, public hearings will be held May 14 at the Whitted Building in Hillsborough and May 16 at Southern Human Services in Chapel Hill. Residents and taxpayers are given an opportunity to speak about the budget (up to three minutes per person). Each hearing begins at 7 p.m.

In addition, residents and taxpayers may communicate directly with the Board of Commissioners via email or attend any regularly scheduled BOCC meeting and sign-up to speak during the public comment portion (three minute limit also applies). Below is the schedule of work sessions and regular meetings for the FY2020 budget adoption.

  • May 14 - Public hearing (Hillsborough)
  • May 16 - Public hearing (Chapel Hill)
  • May 21 - Regular BOCC meeting (Chapel Hill)
  • May 23 - Budget work session (Hillsborough)
  • May 30 - Budget work session (Chapel Hill)
  • June 4 - Regular BOCC meeting (Hillsborough)
  • June 6 - Budget work session (Chapel Hill)
  • June 11 - Budget work session (Hillsborough)
  • June 18 - Regular BOCC meeting and budget adoption (Chapel Hill)

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9. Can the public get involved?