How do I create an account?

First select “Register” from the Applicant Portal home page. Enter applicant’s First Initial, Last Name, and Date of Birth - then click the Continue button. If successful, you will be prompted to enter the applicant’s Confirmation ID #. Fill in all of the required information – email address, password, and preferred language. If successful, the screen will display “Registration Complete!”

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1. What is the Applicant Portal?
2. How do I create an account?
3. What if I receive an error message?
4. How do I reset or change my password?
5. I know my password but I cannot login, what do I do?
6. How do I update my email address in the Applicant Portal?
7. How do I know what position I am on the Wait List?
8. How do I know what preferences I have assigned to my application?
9. How will I know when I am drawn from the Wait List?
10. How do I update or change my information?
11. How do I check the status of a request?
12. When I try to change my personal information, nothing happens.