What should I do if I think bed bugs are in my home?

If you rent your house or apartment, tell the owner or apartment manager. They should help you treat the problem with a professional exterminator. Act quickly and follow these steps to eliminate the bed bugs and keep them from traveling to other homes:

  • Locate all areas that bed bugs might be hiding
  • Under, inside and behind household furniture
  • Underneath items like lamps, radios, and phones
  • Walls and items hung on or near walls
  • Clothing, luggage, and closets
  • Work with an exterminator to thoroughly treat all places where bed bugs live
  • Clean out and take apart furniture so an exterminator can fully treat the home
  • If you decide to purchase insecticides or pesticides, read the label and follow directions and safety precautions, do not to let young children come into contact with harmful substances
  • For furniture, only use products that are labeled for use on furniture, you may need to reapply the insecticide or pesticide after 1 or 2 days
  • Clean everything and discard infested furniture, especially mattresses and sofas
  • Thoroughly clean all belongings: furniture, household items, toys and clothes
  • Talk to the property manager about how to dispose of infested furniture
  • Be wary of used mattresses and other household furniture of unknown origin

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