Landlord Resources

The Housing Access Coordinator serves as the primary contact for landlord inquiries, recruitment and engagement in and around Orange County. The HAC also provides assistance to service providers and stakeholders with housing search tools, including landlord incentives and information about the local housing market.


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To reach Christopher Jackson, Housing Access Coordinator:

OCHCD Is Seeking to Expand Affordable Housing Inventory through Landlord Outreach 

  • Owners receive Landlord Incentive Program (LIP) payments of $1,000 for signing lease with HCV clients ($500 for repeating owners). 
  • OCHA’s Risk Mitigation fund covers damages incurred by tenants. 
  • OCHCD strives for quick response time to address any landlord concerns. The department engages in quarterly Landlord Workshops in order to discuss program and hear feedback. 

What Participants and Service Providers Can Tell Hesitant Landlords 

  • Inform them of the Landlord Incentive and Risk Mitigation Programs 
  • Subsidy payments from the county are punctual and stable: they will never have to worry about collecting their rent. 
  • Increased housing stability for owners: retention rates are significantly higher for HCV tenants compared to non-HCV tenants.