Rabies Exposure

Exposure Consultation

The Orange County Health Department provides counseling and consultation to individuals who have had possible exposure to a potentially rabid animal. Whenever an Animal Control Officer identifies a situation involving a possible human exposure, a referral is made to the Health Department. A communicable disease nurse assures that the exposed person is aware of:

  • The seriousness of rabies
  • How rabies is transmitted
  • Indications for post-exposure-prophylaxis
  • Where post-exposure-prophylaxis (PEP) can be obtained

If uncertain about the need to pursue PEP, the individual is advised to contact his or her primary care physician for further consultation. Rabies consultation services are free.

Pre-Exposure Rabies Immunization

The Orange County Health Department provides pre-exposure rabies vaccination to Orange County Animal Services staff, local veterinarians and other persons at risk for rabies exposure.