Swimming Pools


Swimming Pool with Lanes Roped Off

Swimming Pools

The Environmental Health Division inspects public swimming pools in Orange County. The inspections cover safety aspects and pool water quality to prevent the spread of disease and to protect the public's health. Seasonal pools and spas are permitted and inspected once per year. Year-round pools and spas are inspected twice per year.



Applications and annual renewals are communicated to operators by email only. Please use the annual permitting as an opportunity to update our records with the best information. Operators and new property owners and managers can update at any time by contacting our department via email.

Indoor Swimming Pool FacilityFor Operators

After applications and data sheets have been submitted, operators may call this office at 919-245-2360 to schedule appointments for permitting. It is very important to have the pool ready for inspection. Use the opening checklist (PDF) and other information to prepare. Denial of a Permit shall result in are-inspection fee.

Pool FAQs

What kind of swimming pools are inspected?
Any public pool, spa or wading pool that serves more than one family is inspected and must receive an annual permit to operate. These pools may be located at:
  • Apartments
  • Community centers
  • Condominiums
  • Duplexes
  • Health clubs
How many times per year is a pool inspected? 
Seasonal pools (those that do not operate from November through March) are inspected at least once per year and prior to opening for the season. Year-round pools are inspected at least twice per year.

Are bathers required to use the shower before going in to the pool? 
Showers must be available for use at any pool built after 2003. In addition, the pool is required to state clearly on a sign that a shower is required before entering the pool.

How do I know that a pool is protected from suction hazards? 
All pools are required to have suction prevention drain covers in place. If you suspect that a drain cover is missing or broken, contact our office immediately.

 Is it safe to swim in a pool with cloudy water?
 If the bottom of the pool can not be seen clearly from the deck, it indicates a chemical imbalance. The pool must be closed immediately and can not reopen until the chemicals have been adjusted and the water quality standards are met. A submerged swimmer in trouble may not be visible, and this presents a safety hazard. If you encounter a pool with cloudiness, please contact our office immediately.

Does the pool grade have to be posted?
 Pools do not have posted grades, however they must meet specified requirements in order to operate. You can visit our inspection results or ask the pool operator to view the permit.

How often are pool chemicals checked during the day? 
The pool operator must visit the pool at least once daily to measure and record water quality and to make necessary adjustments for maintenance.