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2023 Animal Services - Available Pets


    Find your new best friend at OCAS!


    Do you have a barn or any structure that can provide a safe home for cats that prefer to live more independently?

Absentee Voting By Mail

  1. Check the Status of Your Absentee Ballot

Criminal Justice Resource Department

  1. Grant to fund social worker positions at local law enforcement agencies

  2. Stein visits Orange County to highlight county efforts to combat opioid epidemic

  3. Freedom riders' 1947 convictions vacated in North Carolina By Tom Foreman Jr.?|?AP

  4. OCSO moves detention operations to new facility. The New of Orange County

  5. Our Lens, Our Voice, a photography and emotional expression project that reframes and refocuses narratives of justice-impacted youth

  6. Orange County judges enact bail reform policy regarding wealth-based detentions - The Daily Tarheel

  7. New Comprehensive Orange County Bail Policy Adopted, Jan 24, 2022

  8. NCDHHS announces new funding opportunity to prevent opioid overdoses - The Daily Tarheel

  9. New Orange County Bail Reform Initiatives

  10. Lab Notes Jan 2021

  11. Commissioners approve Eviction Diversion Program

  12. Bail Reform Efforts in Orange County and Pandemic Responses in the Criminal Justice System

  13. Chapel Hill to provide assistance for unpaid court fees

  14. For some opioid users in NC, jail doesn’t mean detox

  15. Coming Home is Hard to Do

  16. 'Our Lens, Our Voices' seeks to adjust youth criminal justice through art

  17. Leading To Health

  18. Fees eliminated for cash deposits at Detention Center ATM

  19. Bail reform in North Carolina: Orange County reforms

  20. Orange County part of the changing face of pretrial justice

  21. Bail Reform Efforts and Pandemic Response in the Criminal Justice System

  22. Orange County Is Taking Steps to Make Its Criminal Justice System More Equitable

  23. Editorial: It's time to bail on cash bail

  24. Department of Public Safety Awards Reentry Council Contract to Orange County

  25. Orange County programs reduce juvenile criminal justice involvement, address root issues

Drought Awareness for Our Community - Orange County Surface Water Data

  1. Eno River Management

  2. Eno River Flow Information

Drought Awareness for Our Community - Federal

  1. DroughtWatch

  2. United States Drought Monitor

Efland-Buckhorn-Mebane Access Management Plan

  1. 2019 Adopted E-M-B AMP

  2. 2017 Transportation Study (PDF)

Farmland Resources - State Resources

  1. Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA)

Finance & Administration Services - Budgets

  1. Orange County School District

  2. Chapel Hill-Carrboro School District

Finance - Article 39

  1. N.C. General Statutes - Article 39

Finance - Article 40

  1. N.C. General Statutes - Article 40

Finance - Article 42

  1. N.C. General Statutes - Article 42

Health - Board of Health Orientation Videos

  1. Environmental Health Part 1

  2. Environmental Health Part 2

Health - COVID-19

  1. OC: Teens- Stay Physically Apart From Others to Reduce COVID-19 Risk (April 28)

  2. NCDHHS: NCDHHS Announces Carolina Community Tracing Collaborative (April 27)

  3. OC: Orange County Updated COVID-19 Data (April 24)

  4. OC: Orange County to Extend Stay at Home Order Through May 8 (April 23)

  5. OC: Orange County NC Ready to Strike Back at COVID-19 (April 21)

  6. NCDHHS: Additional Food Benefits to be provided for More than 800,000 Children Impacted by COVID-19 (April 20)

  7. OC: Orange County Updated COVID-19 Data (April 17)

  8. Joint Release: Leaders across Orange County Encourage the Public to Continue Social Distancing (April 16)

  9. Hillsborough: New State Order Addresses Social Distancing in Places of Business (April 14)

  10. OC: Health Department Reporting Second COVID-19 Associated Death

  11. OC: Health Department Reporting First COVID-19 Associated Death (April 10)

  12. OC: Health Department Reporting Outbreaks of COVID-19 at two long-term care facilities (April 8)

  13. OC: Health Department offering telehealth option, no longer allowing walk-in appointments at clinics (April 3)

  14. OC: Orange County reports two COVID cases at long-term care facility (April 2)

  15. NCDHHS: Governor Cooper announces statewide stay-at-home order until April 29 (March 27)

  16. OC: Orange County Issues a “Stay at Home” Order to Take Effect March 27 (March 26)

  17. Gov. Cooper: Cooper Extends School Closure Date To May; Orders Group Limit To 50 People (March 23)

  18. OC: Orange County announces first positive COVID-19 tests (March 20)

  19. Gov. Cooper: NC to Close Restaurants and Bars for Dine-In Customers, Allow Takeout and Delivery Operations to Continue (March 17)

  20. OC: Orange County to implement social distancing measures in response to COVID-19 (March 13)

  21. OC: Orange County declares State of Emergency in response to COVID-19 pandemic (March 13)

  22. NCDHHS: N.C. recommends new steps to protect against COVID-19 (March 12)

  23. NCDHHS: N.C. Medicaid updates policies to address COVID-19 (March 11)

  24. NCDHHS: Governor Cooper declares State of Emergency (March 9)

  25. OCHD: Orange County to increase preparedness measures for COVID-19 (March 5)

  26. OCHD: Information about the Novel Coronavirus (Jan. 29)

Health - Diabetes Self-Management Education

  1. American Diabetes Association

Health - North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics

  1. Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Data

  2. Available County-Level Data

Health - Water Testing

  1. Federal Criteria for Safe Drinking Water

Historic Preservation Resources

  1. National Register of Historic Places

Mountains-to-Sea Trail (MST)

  1. Friends of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail

Parks & Facilities - Other Local Parks & Recreation Departments

  1. Town of Carrboro

  2. Town of Chapel Hill

Register of Deeds - Professional Associations

  1. North Carolina Association of Register of Deeds

Related Links - University

  1. Water Resources Research Institute

Soil & Water Conservation Districts - Other Related Agencies & Groups

  1. USDA-NRCS Web Soil Survey

  2. Drought Information

Transportation Planning - Related Web Links

  1. Town of Chapel Hill

  2. Town of Carrboro

  3. Town of Hillsborough

  4. City of Mebane

Water Conservation - Local

  1. Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OWASA)